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  • Paramount Tall Club of Chicago offers one $750 scholarship to a graduating senior who meets the height requirement of the club. The winner of the Chicago Club award may be nominated for the $1,000 Tall Clubs International Kae Sumner Einfeldt奖学金. 有关信息和申请材料可在网上获得
  • 哥伦比亚大学芝加哥分校总统奖学金 is a competitive, merit-based, four-year scholarship worth $8,000/year. 合格的候选人的平均绩点必须不低于3分.,并提交他们的创意作品样本. 更多信息可在网上查询 或者在就业中心的奖学金档案中.
  • University of Michigan College of Engineering and College of Literature, Science and the Arts 格洛丽亚·威尔·贝尔和卡洛斯·R. Bell Scholarship Program to students who have been admitted to the Univ. of Michigan, 攻读工程学本科学位, mathematics, physics, 计算机科学或其他相关科学领域. This renewable scholarship is available only to students that meet certain geographic criteria, 其中之一就是从新特里尔大学毕业. Information is available in the Career Center scholarship file or online at
  • Indiana University Kelley School of Business Kelley Scholars Program provides full tuition/fees, a living stipend for four years, and opportunities for overseas study. 有关资料可在网上查阅
  • 伊利诺伊大学凯瑟琳·G. Hansen Scholarship competition is designed for students who are planning to pursue higher education in the office professional, secretarial, 或者与商业相关的领域. 奖学金一份,价值500美元. 更多信息可在网上查询  或者在就业中心的奖学金档案中.
  • 视觉艺术学院提供塞拉斯H. 罗兹奖学金 to students with outstanding creative and academic achievements. The partial-tuition scholarships are renewable for up to three years. Applicants must submit a slide portfolio with 20 selections of their art work. Information is available in the Career Center scholarship file and online at
  • Princeton University offers the Princeton Prize in Race Relations to “recognize, support, and encourage the young people of our country who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the cause of positive race relations”. 获胜者将获得1000美元. Information and application materials are available  online at
  • 伊利诺斯大学的Beta Sigma Psi分会 offers the $1,000 Beta Sigma Psi Lutheran Alumni Scholarship to a confirmed Lutheran freshman male beginning study in the fall of 2020. 普渡大学的Beta Sigma Psi分会, Nebraska-Lincoln, Iowa State, Kansas State, Missouri-Rolla, Missouri-Columbia, Ohio State, Indiana, 纽约康考迪亚学院, and Midland Lutheran College may also be offering scholarships. 有关资料可在网上查阅 或者在就业中心的奖学金档案中.
  • 可口可乐(coca - cola)奖学金 The contest offers $3 million in award money each year to 250 seniors around the country. 详情请浏览
  • 纪念数学奖兰德男子学院 announces the Jacob Goldfinger Memorial Mathematics Prize for yeshiva high school students. 一等奖是1000美元, 2nd prize is $350, and 3rd prize is $150; prizes will be awarded based on an exam. The application for being considered for the prize is online at The website also has information on study materials and procedures.
  • 埃弗雷特·科夫勒学者项目 将颁发两名科夫勒奖学金(10美元),000 each/per year of study toward a four year undergraduate program) to high school seniors beginning college in the fall. Students must have financial need and minimum of a B average academically. 数学、商科专业优先. Students must be born and/or raised in the Chicago metropolitan area. To verify your eligibility and to request a scholarship application, 通过电话联系科夫勒奖学金管理员 312.673.3444 or emailing
  • 总统奖学金 总统奖学金 for high school seniors who elect to attend Columbia College Chicago as a full-time student in Fall. Award based on academic achievement and/or accomplishment in the student’s intended major. 奖金最高可达8美元,000每学年, renewed each year for a total of 8 consecutive regular semesters. 学生必须保持3分.作为全日制学生,平均绩点为0. 欲了解更多信息,请访问
  • CRC – The Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, Shlita- Torah Essay Contest Open to all seniors in Orthodox Jewish high school programs in Chicago-metro area who will be attending Yeshiva or seminary in Israel for the 2019/2020 academic year.  Select a topic in Halacha or Tanach to research with the goal of increasing understanding in light of classical Jewish sources.
    论文可以用希伯来语或英语, primary sources in original language and formation are preferred over secondary sources and translations. 仔细注意来源的归属,参考书目.
    Panel of judges will evaluate research, organization, creativity, and style.
  • 第一名:1000美元
  • 2 Honorable Mentions: $100 gift certificate to local bookstore.

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